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Top 10 Hospitality Blogs Every Hotelier Should Be Reading

Updated: Apr 12

Author's Note: I originally posted this article in 2016 while co-founding a hospitality recruitment company. It ended up being the most popular piece of content I've ever written, racking up 26,000 views and 3 straight years of page-one results for "hospitality blogs."

With a new home and new links, here are the top blogs for hoteliers:

The Hospitality Industry is constantly shifting and changing and it is a challenge to stay current and relevant. Information and technology can transform in a heartbeat, and falling behind can cost you customers and profits. Keeping up with the latest news, reading tips for success, and following the industry in all its facets is the best way to stay ‘in the know.'


A website dedicated to innovative technology for hotel reservations and marketing, Revinate can provide hoteliers with ways to engage their guests and provide a tailored experience for their customers.


Another blog that focuses on travel technology, PhocusWire keeps you up-to-date with all things tech in the travel industry. This is an excellent tool for keeping up with trends and popular sites, mobile applications and much more.


Any hotelier looking to promote hotel management systems, this website will keep the innovative hotelier in the loop with the latest ways to keep your property running smoothly and efficiently.

E-Marketing Associates

This blog looks at social media and internet marketing for Independent Hotels. With products and articles available, this website is superb for keeping up with internet and social media marketing practices.

Stay Here

This awesome blog from CN Traveler is dedicated to travel news. Stay Here keeps hoteliers up-to-date on renovations, openings, and innovations the hotel and lodging industry are employing around the world.


An in-depth blog that covers the latest news, trends and topics on a global scale, covering all aspects of the hospitality industry. Find everything you might need here, from events and webinars, to schools and potential products for your business.

Hospitality Times

Keeping up on the latest news is easy with this blog, which also includes a variety of helpful articles and tips for growing your business and increasing your successes.


A blog that follows the latest trends in events and meeting. The BizBash mission is to, "empower event professionals with ideas, intelligence, and resources to create smarter events."

Hotel News Resource

This is the premier resource for all things hotel news. Hotel News Resource covers every topic from technology to marketing to the environment, even breaking industry information into regional categories.

Boutique Hotel News

The boutique hotel sector is booming and this blog caters to this exciting market. For the latest boutique hospitality news, check out this blog regularly.

Staying up to date and finding information, articles and tips to help keep you ahead in the game, and the above websites are a great start. Now that you are equipped to stay up to date in the daily news, events, and updates within the world of Hospitality and hotels, happy reading!


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