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The Search For "Perfect" Candidates

The challenge with finding a flawless employee, however, is that the idea of a perfect-fit is subjective. The resume that one hiring manager tosses in the trash can, could be the first choice candidate for another manager. While searching through applications and interviewing candidates, there is a specific set of qualities a “perfect” employee will have. The great news is these qualities are essential in any setting, so these assets will be a positive force in your company – no matter the industry.

Adaptability. As you know, days in the office are not always predictable. You need someone who can hit the ground running, no matter the situation. A candidate who has a track record of changing with the times and taking the lead on different projects will prove to be the most adaptable.

Can-do Attitude. Having someone join your team that is accountable for their actions and carries a positive attitude into any work assignment is invaluable. You’ll find that candidates with the can-do attitude hold themselves to a higher degree of liability. This candidate doesn’t want to let themselves down, much less the rest of the office.

Commitment. Check out the applicant’s resume. Have they jumped from job to job, or is there a steady promotion of positions over a span of time? You should look for the worker who will stay committed to your company long term.

Competence. Even the most positive attitudes have to be able to get the job done. You need someone on your team who can prioritize, make decisions, and complete a project on time.

Creativity. Bring in the candidate who can think outside the box. As your company grows and changes, your team must be able to do the same. Long gone are the days of “we’ve always done it this way.”

Goal-oriented. It’s absolutely essential to have the workers who come in and get the daily tasks complete to keep the company running, but you want to find the candidate who can also keep the big picture in mind. An employee who understands daily assignments are part of a bigger plan will be a great asset to your company.


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